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When you come off your mountain of success into retirement…you shouldn’t have to pay taxes. Financial Planning is where we help you succeed.

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It’s more than just financial planning!

After teaching you the truth about how money works, primarily at retirement, we will show how to reposition your assets, allowing you to bypass taxes at distribution, using the current tax code

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Mountain Of Success

We believe that 75% of typical financial planning models fail because of lack of focus on the distribution phase of wealth. We believe that getting off the mountain safely “avoiding taxes” is as important as simply getting to the top. There is more opportunity in understanding that it is not how much money you have, it is how much money you keep.

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Federal, State & Local Taxes

We believe in creating proven wealth strategies where cash flow generated from these strategies can be exempt from federal income taxes under the internal revenue code 7702(A). We believe in challenging conventional wisdom in traditional wealth accumulation and wealth distribution strategies. We do this by using the current tax code.

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Yes, it’s legal!

Yes It’s legal, compliant and works within the Internal Revenue Service rules.

Your path off the mountain of success, to financial freedom, begins here!


There are many different ways to implement tax exempt strategies. Our vehicle offers protection, accumulation & tax-free distribution. Depending on your situation, our plan can be implemented for personal, professional or business needs. Contact us for more information.

Important Advice: Starting at age 59 1/2 to age 72  you can take earnings on your investment without a federal penalty.

Something to consider: If I could prove to you that what you are doing is contrary to what you believe, would you want to change it? Contact Me.